Terms and Conditions of Service – 16 May 2019


1.1 General Terms

Winetourer.com is a we platform who offers a community service to every wine lover.

Winetourer.com promote events owned and created by user that are responsible for contents. Winetourer.com has the right to delete all contents not comply with its policy or with inappropriate contents.

Winetourer.com is based in Ireland and Italy.

Who surf or register on the website has to respec the present conditions. Data are treated by electronic support in compliance with GDPR and other European legislation. Check for details about Privacy in our privacy section from the menu in the footer.

Breaking the rules of the website can bring to ban, deletion of user, or any other effect for the responsible person.

1.2 User Registration

Services are available for anyone at least 18 years old of age. Using the website you declare to be.

While the user register his account give us his details. We assume details are true as the person is forbidden by law to give false details while registering. All responsibilites are addressed to the person who give false identification details.

1.3 Common Definitions

tour = trip or travel that includes a wine tasting
event = wine tasting or fair, or any other wine based meeting
experience = wine tasting or event
account = personal profile
organizer / wine-organizer = professional user who organize events or holidays
wine bar = any business who sell wine
winery = wine producer
tourist tax = any tax for end users who act as tourists
VAT = local tax on final users
Third party = any other commercial partner or publisher
Ads / ADs = advertising

1.4 Copyright

If not specified, all details, images, contents are property of Winetourer.com and ruled by copyright law.

1.5 Changes

Winetourer.com can change any part of the website without needing any permission from users. Every change that affects contracts will be notified by law.
Any contract change will be notified and will give the recess option without penalty.

1.6 Events and payments

Events are organized by Wine-Organizers.
Winetourer has no responsibility for quality of service, deletion, changes and request for refund. Winetourer.com is also available to help all end users in all events on the website.

1.7 Tailored Tours

Winetourer.com offers a tailored tour operator service.
This service grant the assistance and organization of tours under the client request. This not involve the organization of wine tasting of events included that are under the complete responsibility of the Organizer.
A brief summary of the tour will be issued before any payment. Detailed information of the tour, schedule, and documents, will be issued after the payment of the fee.


2.1 Compliance to law

All professional users have to comply with local regulation for the service they promote. They have responsibility about age verification for final users where applicable.
Payments requested to users has to be in line with what promoted on Winetourer.com website.
Users must have all rights for images, brands, trade marks promoted by Winetourer.com website.

2.2 Payments

All service granted from Winetourer.com will be payed in advance.
All payments are in euro – EUR – €
Can be issued monthly invoice for services payed in the period.

2.3 Contract ending

The contract is intended without end. Any part can quit the contract without notice by email. For no reason parts can ask for refund or legal damages by the contract ending.

2.4 Postal Address

Winetourer.com – Benedine, Nenagh, E45HT73 Co. Tipperary, Ireland