Wine hikes, wine trekks, wine tours in Alto Piemonte wine region, just one hour from Milan.

Discover the other side of Nebbiolo grape!

Wine tasters, sommelier, hiking guides, naturalistic guides, geologists, agronomists, oenologists, soil scientists and wine makers, all together to make your experience to discover the Alto Piedmont’s wines unique.

Wine Hiking Italy suggests some wine-hikes to discover the great Nebbiolo grape wines of Alto Piedmont and the deep connection with the terroir from which they get their greatness.

Wine is the result of a complex process that weaves wine knowledge and wine culture to its land, synthesizing in its scents the climate, the soil and the environment.

During these routes you could breathe the same air, smell the same perfumes, trample the same earth, feeling the same sensations that you will find during the wine tasting, surprising yourself how wine holds in its essence a unique experience.