Cantine San Giorgio is a historic business in the territory of Salento, founded in 1962 as a wine cooperative. The Tinazzi family, after careful assessment, in 2012 invested in the winery with the aim and commitment to give new impulse to local wine production, enhancing the potential of the typical vines.

From those beginnings, current wine production at Cantine San Giorgio is an important example of one of the most productive Italian regions and has become renowned, especially in recent years, for the renewed commitment to pursue the utmost quality of grapes and wines.
The estate is symbolised by the white Torre Vinaria of Cantine San Giorgio. Designed by Emilio Sernagiotto, it is 21 metres high with 6 levels of cement tanks, one underground and five above ground, designed to provide a natural method of preventing the wine undergoing heat spikes in a region with very high summer temperatures.


Our Address:

Via Stazione 29 San Giorgio della Richinvelda


46.046470867129, 12.878685983131