Start: 05 May 2021
End: 07 May 2021

Event Venue

Napareuli, Georgia


We care about wine and want to add new flavor to its cultural history. We wanted something that was inspiring and majestic, yet reachable. We wanted a conference where the talks were fresh and you had not seen most of the speakers before. We wanted a place where we talked about all aspects in this industry, in an easy-to-understand way for a beginner, but where experienced women wine professionals still had lots to learn. So, the Women in Wine Expo was born. We spend most of our time to help empower women in their goals and we hope you join us and celebrate that it’s you that makes this industry valuable.


The Women in Wine Expo has been established as a truly gender related Expo, the main purpose of which is to promote women in the wine industry, improve wine education for women and create awareness about gender equality throughout the industry.  Continuing the success of the inaugural Women in Wine Expo in 2019 we aspire to host a world-class wine celebration each year that shines the spotlight on the elegance and diversity of women winemakers from all over the world.

EXPO 2020

On 5 & 7th of May, the second Women in Wine Expo will be held in Georgia, the cradle of wine, at Lopota Lake Resort, in the midst of the wine region, where it all started. Women wine professionals from the East and West and North and South will gather to share their unique stories, exchange ideas and taste some delicious wines.



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