Start: 22 October 2022
End: 22 October 2022

Event Venue

villa cavazza


Wine is the exact point where the earth meets poetry:
Terre di vite was born to tell this meeting through faces, sounds, images and words. We have decided to dedicate our energies and our passion to this project because we are convinced that around wine there is a need for moments of aggregation, promotion and conviviality that can also be opportunities for growth. Terre di vite aims to be a sort of “free zone” within which it is possible to restore a deeper and more authentic dimension to wine and to the land, in order to give them that dignity often sacrificed to comply with the indications of marketing and of fashions. We thought and created this project first of all in the awareness that art and culture always have the strength to bring people together. And that wine in the end is above all this: a pretext to be together, to be able to say us.
This is the manifesto of Terre di vite ever since, in September 2009, we organized the first edition of the event in Maggiora. Others followed, and on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October Terre di Vite will propose for the tenth time to the public the faces and wines of producers united by an indissoluble bond with the territory and by the belief that wine is a cultural asset to all. effects.
It is no coincidence that the event was characterized from the outset by a series of cultural initiatives (seminars, conferences, music and visual arts) and if each edition is characterized by a “common thread” developed in the course of tastings, seminars, debates, shows and exhibitions.
We have always worked to present, alongside names known to the general public, emerging realities coming from areas not yet established: indeed, we think it is right that the former in some way act as a “driving force” for those who are young and in need and desire to grow and be known. Because for us and for the winemakers who take part in the event, Terre
of lives also becomes a moment of encounter under the banner of the inalienable values ​​of conviviality and friendship.


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