Start: 24 September 2022
End: 24 September 2022

Event Venue

Roma Orto Botanico

Celebration for the first harvest of the Italian Vineyard at the Botanical Garden of Rome: Roman Harvest Rome 2022

From 17 to 19 September the first harvest will be held at the Botanical Garden of Sapienza where in 2018 300 cuttings of vines from all parts of Italy were planted, constituting the Italian vineyard. The event is entirely dedicated to the vineyard, grapes and wine with a rich calendar of appointments with workshops, moments of study and demonstrations for adults and children.

It is a symbolic harvest as the young age of the plants allows the collection of a limited number of bunches, but it will be an occasion for celebration and sharing, aimed at celebrating nature.

Two days dedicated to the world of wine: the vineyard, the grapes, the cellar, the winemakers, the winemakers and, of course, the wine. A full program of workshops, seminars and demonstrations for young and old awaits you at Vendemmiata Romana. Many free activities to spend a few hours with joy and carefree with the whole family, immersed in this extensive green oasis rich in biodiversity.

For the little ones, in the “Small grapes grow” program, for adults the guided tasting dedicated to wines.

For entry there is a ticket at a cost of 10 euros, free for children up to 11 years and disabled visitors.

For more information visit the site of the Roman harvest event at the Botanical Garden.

from 24 to 25.09.2022

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