Start: 22 September 2021
End: 26 September 2021

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San Mateo Festival – Rioja Wine Harvest Festivity

Logroño is located in North Spain in La Rioja region. The city celebrates, every year at the beginning of fall, the vintage of Rioja grapes’ fiesta. These are the grapes that are used to manufacture the local Rioja wine. The celebrations are known as San Mateo (Saint Matthew) Fiestas. On the festival’s day, the city streets are filled with celebrators.

The town is filled with colour and fun in a celebration where wine and grapes take centre stage. There are numerous activities on offer, including traditional foot-crushing of grapes and the offering of the first must to the Virgen de Valvanera. Bull-running with young bulls, parades of floats, music, popular meals for all comers and ball games are a few of the other options in this special festive programme.

A special emphasis of the celebrations is squeezing the must out of the grapes in the traditional way by pressing the grapes with the people feet. Among other activities of the festival is the serve of the must as an offering to the saint Virgen de Valvanera.

A colorful parade with various shows, music performances, local sport events as well as traditional bullfight is integral part of the celebrations.

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