Start: 28 June 2021
End: 30 June 2021

Event Venue

Haro Spain

Haro Wine Festival: The Ultimate Wine Fight and Street Party

The Haro Wine Festival 2020 has been canceled.

Climb up a mountain in Rioja for the Haro Wine Festival otherwise known as Batalla Del Vino De Haro. Taking place each year in Haro, Rioja, Spain. Join thousands of thirsty folk as they take part in the ultimate Wine Fight. The festival is considered one of the craziest food fights in the world and needs to be on your bucket list if you’re a lover of wine, good times and Spanish culture.

It is a ferocious battle above the Spanish vineyards using water guns, hoses, buckets, cups and pretty much anything you can get your hands on that can carry or throw the wine. Wine lovers and connoisseurs, don’t panic! This is the wine that wasn’t good enough to be bottled, and would’ve gone to the vinegar factory anyway.

The Street Party 

The once quaint town of Haro changes completely as the sun goes down. Buzzing with the excitement of what the next day will bring, get ready for a night of happy people, good drinks, awesome DJ’s and bands. The Spanish don’t sleep, and neither should you!

During the Haro Wine Festival a big stage is set up in the main town square, where a street party takes place. The crowd is almost entirely Spanish and it’s great fun to mix in.

The Fight 

The vibe during the Haro Fight is non-stop; everyone from a two-year-old to 80-year-old grandmothers was laughing and squirting wine at each other. It gets hectic in the middle of the field as there are local pros with literal buckets of wine, pouring them over people’s heads and of course, trying to target the ‘guirias’ and anyone that is still dressed in white and not purple!

The Locals

A few local party trucks and tractors are right in the middle of the action, concealed from the madness in the safety of their vehicles, while also selling wine out of the back of the trucks.  Locals show up to the wine battle with their heavy-duty, military-style farmer fertilizer water pistoles. It looks like something out of Ghostbusters! These guys take the fight very seriously and do not look kindly to any ‘Guiaria’ (foreigners) still dressed in white.

Best views for the Haro Wine Festival

Make sure to get to the hill early. The complimentary buses from town get very busy closer to the start and the queues to the parking lot get longer and longer. It is a 7km hike to the hill along the road. It takes longer than expected and you don’t want to miss the start.

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Entrance for the Haro Wine Festival is free for everyone.

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