Start: 18 October 2022
End: 18 October 2022

Wine tasting in cantina with 5 meetings

TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER 2022 FROM 20:00 TO 23:30

For registration and info: 333 50 70 403. Very limited places.
Are you a wine lover?
You want to find out all her secrets?

This is the wine course for you. One winemaker per teacher, Itinerant in 5 prestigious wineries in the region, with the presence of 15 winemakers, a producer of grappa and the combination of 5 restaurants.

The cultural association Itinerari del Gusto Friuli Venezia Giulia organizes a tasting course and approach to wine open to all those who want to learn the basics of the tasting technique and the aspects of viticulture, oenology and the main characteristics of wines in particular those representative of our regional territory.
The course includes a series of 5 meetings to learn to develop their natural skills, taste and know how to judge, in a pleasant way, the qualities of wine and transmit the basics of the philosophy of good drinking, allowing participants to approach this fascinating world, precious fruit of our territory made unique by the care of the winemaker.

The course will be led by the wine-making technician FRANCESCO SPITALERI of the Conte d’Attimis-Maniago of Buttrio, expert in the wine culture of our territory and will be held in some three of the most beautiful and prestigious wineries in our region, which in turn will host for each lesson the wines of other renowned wineries and food pairings.

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Fees & Tickets
180.00 €