Start: 20 June 2020
End: 27 June 2020

Event Venue

Colico (CO)

As always there will be 2 routes:
LOCAL with wine tasting and local tastings and ITALY with wine tasting and tastings from all over Italy.
In each cellar you can find a corner where you can sit and enjoy an evening of tasting typical and non-typical dishes, music and entertainment.
Don’t forget about the 15th cellar! Inside a suggestive ancient mill that has just been renovated you will be followed by a sommelier tasting local elite wines.
The cellars are located in the historic village of Villatico, a hamlet of Colico, where the lucky participants with a glass in hand, they will be captured through the streets of the village by the fascinating views of Lake Como and the mighty Monte Legnone illuminated by the warm light of the sunset.


Fees & Tickets