Start: 21 November 2020
End: 22 November 2020

Event Venue

Villa Farsetti - Via Roma 1, Santa Maria di Sala, Venezia

21 to 22 November 2020


The larger bubbles of Italy, France and the rest of Europe

The event will take place in the beautiful Villa Farsetti located in Santa Maria di Sala in the province of Venice, they will taste the best bubbly national, international and gourmet products from sweet to savory.

Open to the public
At 10:00 the “Bubbles in Villa” event opens to the public

At the tasting tables will present producers and sommelier to guide you and illustravi in ​​the organoleptic and sensory characteristics of a hundred selected wines for tasting.

Participation in the event does not require reservation, pouring service will end at 19:30, at 20:00 Closing of Villa Farsetti. It ‘possible that some products in the tasting will run out before the end of the event.

The audience participants to the event will also be a judge, will in fact vote for the best wines and the best winery of the event. The event will take place even in case of rain.

Master Class
During the event at the 1st floor of the Hall Theater, will be held 4 meetings to deepen the knowledge of superb wines (history, method of processing, terroir, philosophy manufacturer, organoleptic properties) led by internationally renowned professionals.

The master classes are not free, they are bound to the purchase of the ticket at the “Bubbles in Villa” valid for the day when there is the chosen tasting. Access only with online booking.

Gala dinner
Saturday 21 will be brought to the stage a big gala dinner that will bind the business culture and the identity of the great national and international bubbles at the Relais Leon D’Oro Mirano (VE).


Fees & Tickets
-2.00 €