Start: 14 May 2022
End: 14 May 2022

Event Venue

Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan

Best Wine Stars, now in its third edition, is an annual project through which wine culture is promoted and the history and uniqueness of each individual winery is disseminated. The goal is to create important commercial networks for all participants in the initiative. Every year more than 100 wineries are selected. They are guaranteed high visibility thanks to different strategies.
> Tasting event
> Distribution network
> Editorial publication
> E-commerce
> Press office
> Communication strategies
> Masterclass and awards
> Photo shooting

Best Wine Stars aims at offering an exclusive wine experience among new trends, social strategies and emerging technologies. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the general public and to the f&b operators.


In a globalized market there are great chances of economic growth but in order to take full advantage of business opportunities it is necessary to adapt to the rules of the “game”. Different from any other initiative aimed at the world of wine, Best Wine Stars offers various and diversified strategies for the widespread dissemination of the wine producers taking part in the project. It is not the usual event or the classic paper guide, Best Wine Stars is a global project that guarantees high visibility thanks to: tasting event, international publication, e-commerce site, press office, social communication and related events. These last ones are fundamental to involve the wine cellars into different and unusual contexts. Thanks to the various initiatives managed by the Prodes Italia group, wine producers will be able to present themselves to potential customers belonging to little-explored professional categories.

Participating in Best Wine Stars guarantees:

> Business and sales opportunities
> Comparing and developing new ideas
> Relations with the field press
> New professional collaborations
> International visibility
> Improvemente of the distribution network
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